Composite repair & Reinforcement Systems

The repair of corroded or damaged pipelines using composite repair systems is growing, especially in the oil and gas industries. Composites have proved themselves as a strong and durable material, capable of providing the qualities required when performing critical repairs. Numerous field trials, in-house testing, and third party testing has demonstrated that our Composite Reinforcement System possesses those performance qualities, and as such, has been successfully used on many pipelines for repairing external corrosion and mechanical damage as well as structural reinforcement of pipe, tanks and vessels. 

Integ Composite Technology, LLC provides the oil and gas industry with an economical and structural pipeline repair system that can be easily applied even in wet environments with sweating pipelines in the field or in underwater applications without the use of a habitat in most instances. This system requires certification of personnel which can be done on the job site or at our facility.

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