Aquawrap® System  is ideal for  the following applications:

  • Pipe, Pipeline and tank repair and restoration

  • Bridge repair and restoration

  • Infrastructural member repair and restoration

  • Pier, piling and pole repair and restoration

  • Corrosion barrier and substrate for coatings

Aquawrap® System Features:

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Low cost

  • No measuring

  • All weather conditions, underwater, in splash zone

  • No VOC's and non-hazardous shipping

  • Rapid cure time

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Aquawrap® System is a composite reinforcement sleeve and is a water activated, resin impregnated, glass fiber, remediation material. The fabric is a custom-woven glass fiber. As a biaxial fabric, it provides strength in two directions, hoop and transverse. for piping, hoop strength is critical, but handling the transverse load is also important. Strength in two directions can be equally important to many other types of reinforcement that Aquawrap® is designed to handle. 

The formulation is solvent-free to ensure safety and maximum technical performance. These tapes are cost effective, advanced alternatives to metal sleeves and offer additional advantages not generally found with sleeves - such as, application in any weather condition or element and to any part of the pipe, even joints and bends. Water and humidity does not have to delay the job.​

​The Aquawrap® Composite Reinforcement System is a low cost system for use in repair and reinforcement of existing mechanical systems, structures and piping. It is furnished factory-impregnated with the proporietary 22-77 resin system.  It comes packages in air tight mylar bags in various widths and lengths for different applications. Also available in weaves to repair T's and elbows.  It is odorless and non-flammable. Cured, Aquawrap® is a durable, high strength material, impervious to fuels,  most chemicals and solvents. It permanently bonds to a variety of surfaces such as metals, composites, concrete, plastics and wood. Consult Integ Composite Technology for recommended primer or epoxy. Certified to ANSI/NFS Standard 61.

Aquawrap composite repair system

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