What are the categories and differences?

There are three categories of composite repair systems:
  1. Pre-Impregnated (Pre-Preg) Moisture Cured Urethane (MCU) system
  2. Field-Wetted (Wet Layup) system
  3. Pre-Formed (Pre-Cured) system

The first type of composite repair system is the Pre-Preg / MCU. This type is a roll of fiberglass or carbon fiber fabric substrate that is pre-impregnated during manufacturing with the appropriate amount of resin and individually sealed in airtight bags. These require no measuring or mixing and are activated by simply adding water. They can conform to complex shapes such as tees, reducers, elbows and manifolds. They are capable of continuous, uniform installations regardless of the length of the repair area. Pre-Preg / MCU composite systems such as PRT Aquawrap® offer outstanding structural reinforcement, fast curing times, ease of application and can be installed underwater.

​The second type is the Field-Wetted or Wet-Layup composite repair system. These also consist of a fiberglass or carbon fiber fabric substrate. The resin, however, is an epoxy that is mixed and applied to the substrate on-site. While Field-Wetted composites take longer to prepare and apply, they have advantages in certain applications. They are preferable for highly technical, curved and complex surfaces. The pieces can be measured and cut to fit before being wetted and can also be used for flat surface applications. The 100% solids epoxy resin cures to form an impermeable barrier. They are also capable of continuous, uniform installations regardless of the length of the repair area. Field-Wetted composite systems such as Kevlar® reinforced PRT PowerSleeve® offer exceptional strength, adhesion, conformability and chemical resistance.

The third type is the Pre-Formed or Pre-Cured composite repair system. The substrate and resin are formed and cured in rigid layers or coils during the manufacturing process and produced for repairs on specific pipe diameters. During installation, an adhesive component is applied between the layers of the coil as it is wrapped around the pipe. For repairs longer than the width of one coil, they are placed side by side in segments. The rigid Pre-Formed composites are not practical for use on tees, reducers or elbows. Applications are often limited to shorter, straight run repairs with generous working access. Because of the adaptability and many advantages of the  Aquawrap® and PowerSleeve® composite repair systems, we do not offer a Pre-Formed composite system.

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