X-WRAP pre-preg composite sleeve is used for the sole purpose of spot wrapping or totally encapsulating lines etc. that need to be installed by way of a “pull” whether it be through a tunnel, under a road bed, building, river crossing etc. to save the line or coating from serious damage. Other uses can be for the encapsulation of petrolatum tape installed on lines for corrosion purposes.

​X-WRAP should not be used for the rehabilitation of pipelines for this latter purpose the Aquawrap® System should be used.

X-WRAP is produced in standard lengths of  30 feet long by 4 inches wide is prepreged and packed in Mylar bags. To activate x-wrap use water spray while applying.

​X-WRAP can be wrapped over itself or wrapped on a spiral to any thickness of material required.

​MSDS sheets for X-WRAP Tape should be used to determine chemical make up.    X-Wrap is non hazardous and non toxic.

X-WRAP System Overview

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